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Rainmaker Named One of Top Ten International Green Tourism Solutions.

November 1, 2016

ROTTERDAM, NOVEMBER 1, 2016 – The International Green Destinations Jury awarded Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. as a Top 10 Green Solution in Tourism during the international event Global Green Destinations Day in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Rainmaker won the award from Green Destinations for their Air to Water solutions, which harvest large quantities of water efficiently powered by renewable energy.

“The main goal of the award was to inspire and give solutions that can improve the environmental and sustainability performance of touristic destinations,” explains President of Green Destinations Albert Salman. “Water is one of the most critical natural resources and, in dry regions, the water scarcity is of particular concern. Besides that, the development of water supply related facilities can involve sand mining, soil/sand erosion, paving. A solution as Rainmakers’ Air to Water technology, making water from air, is a sustainable, convenient and environmentally responsible solution for islands, temporary vacation houses, remote vacation houses, especially for hot conditions and limited water. It does not deplete diminishing ground water reserves, uses renewable energy and has no risk of water-borne diseases.”

Rainmaker’s products are a cost effective and climate friendly solution where current sources of clean water are expensive or not available, making them an ideal solution for improving the environmental and sustainability performance of tourism destinations. By placing Rainmaker Air to Water systems in dry and rain lacking areas with limited infrastructure, these areas have the ability to become more viable tourism destinations because of the availability of fresh drinking water Rainmaker’s systems would provide.

In addition to the benefit of fresh drinking water, the systems run completely on renewable energy and do not leave any damaging footprint in the area where it is placed. Currently there is functioning Air to Water systems in the Netherlands and Kuwait.

“We are very honoured to be a recipient of this international award for sustainable tourism solutions,” says Michael O’Connor, Chairman and CEO of Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. “We are dedicated to supporting the development of sustainable communities around the world, and creating a positive impact environmentally, socially and economically. This award is a validation that we have the ability to make a difference in sustainable tourism destinations worldwide.”

For more information about this award and Global Green Destinations Day, please visit http://greendestinations.info/top-10-green-tourism-solutions/.

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