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Pulling water out of thin air, literally

September 26, 2017

An air-to-water technology is set to enter the country

While the Asian Development Bank has forecast that by 2030 India will have a water deficit of 50 per cent, the Centre has estimated the country’s current water requirements at around 1,100 billion cubic metres per year.

These are the hard facts that Gaurav Goenka had in mind when he chose to invest in a water technology totally new to the country that produces water using neither river nor ground resources. It uses air to produce water. And with this he hopes to make a contribution towards filling the gap in a scenario where an estimated 76 million people have no access to safe water supply.

Goenka is the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) at his start up, Kindle Ventures. Keen to build a social impact, innovation focused business, he has tied up with Canadian-based Dutch company Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. to bring its air-to-water technology to India….

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