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Sri Lanka Start-up Bottles Drinking Water from the Air

October 5, 2017

DEHIWALA, SRI LANKA, Oct. 4, 2017 – Ranil Somaweera, entrepreneur and CEO of the new company, Rainmaker Water Pvt Ltd., today announced that the company will use air to water generation technology from Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. (OTC: RAKR) to capture water from the air and then bottle it.

“Sri Lanka has suffered from water shortages as a result of the over-utilization of tube wells as well as climatic conditions,” said Somaweera. “The effects of climate change have transferred some of our ground water into the atmosphere which has caused many droughts that have limited our access to clean drinking water.”

“We are excited to begin using Rainmaker’s Air-to-Water generators to offer fresh water to the Sri Lankan market. We are deploying our first unit within the next 60 days. With one generator, we can produce 3.6 million 500mL bottles annually. We are planning to deploy 10 units by this time next year to ramp up production to 36 million bottles as new machines come online.”

In reference to Sri Lanka, the U.S. National Library has published that the primary problems concerning water resources in Sri Lanka are the depletion and degradation of the resource caused by various man-made activities. Surface inland waters in urban areas are polluted heavily with domestic and industrial sewage, and in rural areas with agricultural runoff. With regard to ground water in certain areas of the dry zone, there is a high fluoride content and in hard, rocky, alluvial areas, a high concentration of iron. In urban over-crowded cities, there is biological contamination of ground water. Over-utilization, particularly through tube wells, is another major problem affecting ground water resources in Sri Lanka.

Michael O’Connor, President and CEO of Rainmaker Worldwide, said, “Rainmaker’s Air-to-Water technology is an ideal fit for Sri Lanka’s climate and we are excited that Rainmaker Water PVT will be utilizing our technology exclusively. The clean water that a Rainmaker machine will harvest is perfect for bottling and will have a clean, refreshing taste.”

Rainmaker’s purpose is to produce clean water for communities in need so they can thrive and never go thirsty.

For more information on Rainmaker Worldwide, visit http://www.rainmakerww.com

About Rainmaker Worldwide Inc.

Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. (OTC: RAKR) is headquartered in Peterborough, Canada, with an innovation and manufacturing center in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Our patented water technology provides economical drinking water at scale wherever it’s needed. Rainmaker builds two types of energy-efficient, fresh water-producing technologies:

1. Air-to-Water, which harvests fresh water from the air

2. Water-to-Water, which transforms seawater or polluted water into drinking water

Our technology is both wind and solar powered, is deployable anywhere, and leaves no carbon traces. We also offer options for hybrid, grid and diesel-powered models.

Air-to-Water units are available in three standard sizes, producing 5,000, 10,000 or 20,000 liters of drinking water per day. Water-to-Water units are also available in three standard sizes producing 37,500, 75,000 or 150,000 liters per day. This makes each unit suitable for communities of 200 to 30,000 people, depending on units deployed.

Our goal is to become a global leader in solving the worldwide water crisis. Simply put, we’re creating safe, drinking water where little or none exists.

Interested parties can access additional information about Rainmaker on the Company’s website located at http://www.rainmakerww.com.

About Rainmaker Water Pvt Ltd.
Rainmaker Water Pvt Ltd. is a Sri Lankan Preferred Partner of Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. The principals have a considerable track record bringing key technology to Sri Lanka from North America and Europe. Recognizing that ready access to clean water is a basic cornerstone for the growth and prosperity of the country, Rainmaker Water Pvt is positioning itself as a significant contributor to solving Sri Lanka’s current water crisis.

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