Nityen Lal

Non-Executive Director

Nityen has been active in venture capital since 2003 and in technology industry for about 20 years. He has served as an executive and director on the board for several start-ups in California, Israel, India and Europe. At Icos Capital, Nityen is active with various water technologies including recycling, energy efficiency and processes. In this capacity, he is involved with Rainmaker Worldwide, Biaqua, ReSteel and Greenclouds.

Prior to launching Icos Capital, Nityen acquired important expertise in the renewable energy sector and structured finance at Deloitte. He executed several transactions related to the securitization and debt structuring of cash-flows for assets similar to those targeted by Icos Capital.

At Alpinvest, Nityen invested in Europe and Israel in growth phase technology companies. Several of these investments are now successful companies with blue
chip international customer bases and double-digit growth in progress.

Nityen has an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (the Netherlands), a Master in Information Science from Claremont Graduate University (U.S.), and a Bachelor in Computer Science from Michigan Tech University (U.S.). He is fluent in Dutch, English and Hindi.