Piet Oosterling

Inventor, Chief Innovation Officer, and Director

Piet Oosterling brings a history of innovation, successful startup and international business experience to Rainmaker Worldwide. He has focused on market-oriented business development and setting up innovative product market combinations, in many cases through international networks. He holds over 430 patents, across a variety of commercial and industrial applications.
Piet will continue to manage the R&D team in the Netherlands, as well as oversee all aspects of manufacturing and installation.

Piet is a charismatic leader and experienced in all aspects of company management coaching, motivating people and knowledge transfer. In addition, he has experience with management turnaround processes, mergers and acquisitions and innovation managements.

Since 1989, Piet has been the Managing Director of Swilion Business Development B.V. This organization designs, develops and launches new businesses including baler/silage packing, milking robot and weather stations.

Piet was Chairman of the Board for Prolion B.V., a high-tech company in the agri-food sector which went public on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange in 1997. He speaks four languages (Dutch, English, German and French) and has a working knowledge of Spanish.