Rainmaker Investor FAQs

What does Rainmaker do?

Rainmaker’s purpose is to produce safe drinking water for communities in need so they can thrive and never go thirsty.

Across the world, fresh water is unevenly distributed. Many regions are desperately under-served, including North Africa, the Middle East, India, Mexico, large portions of South America, and many islands. There are vast regions looking for solutions that will deliver fresh drinking water where it’s needed.

We provide drinking water responsibly. We offer a suite of Air-to-Water and Water-to-Water technologies. These products deliver a better, more economical way to provide safe drinking water. Air-to-Water harvests fresh water from humidity in the atmosphere, while Water-to-Water transforms non-potable (waste, salty, polluted, grey, or brackish) water into safe drinking water.

All can be wind or solar powered, so they leave no carbon traces. There are also options for grid and generator-powered models.

What products does the company make?

Rainmaker builds two types of energy-efficient, fresh water-producing technologies:

  1. Air-to-Water, which harvests fresh water from the air
  2. Water-to-Water, which transforms seawater or polluted water into drinking water

Our technology is both wind and solar powered, is deployable anywhere, and leaves no carbon traces. We also offer options for hybrid, grid and diesel-powered models.

Air-to-Water units are available in three standard sizes, producing 5,000, 10,000 or 20,000 liters of drinking water per day.

Water-to-Water units are also available in three standard sizes producing 37,500, 75,000 or 150,000 liters per day. This makes each unit suitable for communities of 200 to 3,000 people, depending on number of units deployed.

What are the markets for your products?

Markets for our Air-to-Water technologies:

  • Humanitarian applications in traditional areas of water scarcity
  • Island and rural communities with limited fresh water supplies
  • Temporary humanitarian applications in disaster or war zones
  • Growing industrial and commercial applications
  • orporate CSR programs

Markets for our Water-to-Water technology:

  • Communities with inadequate or no access to fresh water source or reliable energy source, but close to a significant supply of salty or brackish water
  • Corporations looking for energy-efficient technology to clean and potentially reuse waste water
  • Cities or regional governments restoring rivers, lakes and harbors

How are the products sold?

Rainmaker partners with local and regional distributors around the world.

Who is Rainmaker’s competition in the Air-to-Water and Water-to-Water markets?

There are a number of companies that produce either Air-to-Water or Water-to-Water equipment.

However, in our sweet spot of serving communities of 200 to 3,000 people, we offer many distinct competitive advantages including:

  • Cost. Our patented technology means our cost per liter of water is highly competitive in the marketplace.
  • Capacity. Rainmaker produces more liters per day than most competitors under the same climatic and energy conditions.
  • Choice of sizes. We offer units with water capacity sized to specific market demand.
  • Long-term cost effectiveness. Our units require minimal maintenance and operational expenditure.
  • Choice of power sources. We offer choice of wind, solar, grid or generator. Others typically offer fewer choices or only grid connections.
  • Set-up time. Deployment as fast as 90 days after purchase order; operational within 14 days after containers arrive on location.
  • Footprint. Our on-the-ground footprint is smaller which means much more flexibility in location.

Competitors considered include Ecoloblue, Saisons Technocom Pvt. Ltd., Watair Incorporation, Dew Point Manufacturing, Active World Corporation Technologies and WaterMaker India Pvt. Ltd.

We do not compete in the markets for household-size units, or on the other extreme, desalination for cities or countries such as San Diego or Israel.

How big is the market?

RobecoSAM Water: The Market of the Future, estimates that the market opportunities related to the water sector could reach $1 trillion by 2025.1

Why should I invest in Rainmaker Worldwide?

Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. is a publicly traded company, headquartered in Peterborough, Canada, with an innovation and manufacturing center in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Rainmaker is listed on the Over the Counter Markets (OTC:RAKR). Our patented water technology provides economical drinking water wherever it’s needed and at scale.

What exchange does the company trade on and what is the ticker symbol?

Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. went public on the United States Over the Counter (OTC) Market in September 2017 and trades under the symbol RAKR.
The OTC Markets Group Inc. (OTCQX: OTCM) operates the OTCQX Best Market, the OTCQB Venture Market, and the Pink Open Market for 10,000 U.S. and global securities.

What year was the company incorporated?

Rainmaker was formed in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada in 2014 to consolidate all assets, intellectual property, and the executive management expertise of Dutch Rainmaker Inc., the company that originally developed and implemented the technology over the past 10 years.

The last private financing was completed December 2015.  Rainmaker’s patented technology was originally developed in 2008 with the first commercial installation in 2012. Units of the first-generation technology are in the field and continue to perform well.

The second-generation units have been upgraded to dramatically improve energy efficiency by as much as 100%, significantly reducing the cost of each liter of water produced. This means that they are also approximately 100% more energy efficient than those of our competitors.

Where is the Rainmaker corporate head office located?

Rainmaker’s corporate head office is located at
Rainmaker Worldwide Inc.
271 Brock Street
Peterborough, ON
Canada, K9H 2P8

Our innovation center is located at
Rainmaker Worldwide Research & Development
Galileistraat 15
3029 AL Rotterdam

When is Rainmaker‘s fiscal year end?

December 31

How can I buy or sell shares of Rainmaker?

Since Rainmaker trades publicly on the Over the Counter market, you may buy and sell shares through your financial advisor, broker, registered representative, and available through many online brokerages including Ameritrade, eTrade, Charles Schwab, Scottrade, etc.

For Accredited Investors*:

We welcome working with Accredited Investors directly. We look forward to sharing our business plan, discussing our operations, and outlining our strategic vision.
To learn more about the growing global water crisis, and the opportunity to provide water where it is so desperately needed, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Michael O’Connor, Executive Chairman, at investor@rainmakerww.com.

How do I transfer my stock, change my address, or report lost stock certificates?

Please contact Rainmaker’s transfer agent:
Pacific Stock Transfer Co.
6725 Via Austi Parkway
Suite 300
Las Vegas, NV 89119

How can I contact Investor Relations?

For investor-related questions please contact:

Michael O’Connor, Executive Chairman
Rainmaker Worldwide Inc.
271 Brock Street
Peterborough, ON
Canada, K9H 2P8

*Accredited investors only. This Offering will be made pursuant to exemptions from registration provided by Section 4(a)(2) of the Act. Specifically, the Company will rely on Rule 506(c) of Regulation D promulgated under the Act, and exemptions available under applicable state securities laws. Persons desiring to invest in the Shares will be required to make certain representations and warranties regarding their financial condition. Such representations include, but are not limited to, certification that such person is an Accredited Investor, as defined in Rule 501 of the Act. The Company will also request that Investors provide documentation supporting their representations regarding Accredited Investor status. Investors must be prepared to provide supporting documentation sufficient for the Company to reasonably believe that the Investor is an Accredited Investor. This may include personal financial information, such as tax returns or pay stubs. The Company reserves the right to reject any subscription in whole or in part at each of our discretion.