A massive opportunity to do good.

Transforming contaminated water (saltwater, sewage, polluted) into safe, clean water.

Through our Water-to-Water application, we transform contaminated water into safe, clean water producing 37,500, 75,000 or 150,000 liters per unit, per day.

Other water-purifying technologies pass feedwater through a filter or chemicals are added such as chlorine. Rainmaker’s Water-to-Water technology separates water from all other substances (i.e. waste, chemicals, salt) before it passes through a membrane in vapor form. This system is tremendously more efficient, and is disrupting the water market.

Rainmaker’s Water-to-Water solutions are:
✔ Versatile
✔ Scalable & Cost-effective
✔ Environmentally & Socially Sustainable
✔ Applying Proprietary Technology


✔ Modular and portable
✔ Distributed and decentralized
✔ Wide application use cases
✔ Rapid turnkey deployment

Scalable & Cost-Effective

✔ Cost competitive
✔ Solutions easily scalable by adding more units
✔ No large capital required from the customer
✔ Not reliant on local infrastructure

Environmentally & Socially Sustainable

✔ Chemical free
✔ Zero to small carbon footprint
✔ Energy agnostic: wind, solar, grid, diesel or hybrid
✔ Access to clean water, saving lives

Proprietary Technology

✔ Innovative membrane distillation and waste heat recovery system
✔ Algorithms optimize energy use
✔ Networked real time monitoring and control system
✔ Multi-input feed water (saltwater, sewage, polluted) to create potable and medical grade water (Water-to-Water)
✔ Reuse water through a closed-loop system

A growing need for Rainmaker’s Water-to-Water technology

The leading applications for our Water-to-Water technologies include:

      • Military
      • Building – Medical, Industrial (combination with AW technology)
      • Agriculture/Food Industry
      • Communities with inadequate or no access to a fresh water source or reliable energy source, but close to a significant supply of seawater or polluted water
      • Corporations looking for energy-efficient technology to clean and potentially reuse waste water

How Rainmaker’s Water-to-Water technology works.

Using a Membrane Distillation process, water is evaporated under low pressure by a heat pump condensation process that recycles the heat through an evaporator. The vapour produced from heating the water passes through the vapour-selective and hydrophobic membranes.

This membrane only allows water vapour to diffuse through, unlike Reverse Osmosis where water containing dissolved salts and other solids pass through the membrane.

The pores in this membrane are also larger than the pores in Reverse Osmosis membranes so there is less pressure and energy required as a
result. The driving force of this technology is the partial pressure difference (temperature difference) between each side of the membrane pores.

They can be efficiently powered by wind, solar, grid, generator, or combinations. Water can now be produced at the point of use, eliminating transportation and distribution costs.

Water-to-Water units are available in three sizes, producing 37,500, 75,000 or 150,000 liters of drinking water per day.

Energy Agnostic

Rainmaker’s Water-to-Water units offer you the most flexibility for power options. Choose from solar, wind, grid, diesel or a combination with zero to small carbon footprint.

Requirements for Rainmaker’s Water-to-Water production.

      • For wind-powered, wind speed of 3 – 18 meters per second (6.7 – 40 miles per hour)
      • The footprint is small, so our technology can be located near source water and where the clean water is needed
      • Water production can be scaled up simply by adding more units
      • Operational within 14 days from the equipment arrival on site

Benefits of Rainmaker Water-to-Water production.

      • Capable of treating feed water with high concentrations of pollutants or salt concentration near saturation point
      • 100% rejection of ions, macromolecules, colloids, biological cells and other non-volatile impurities
      • In most cases, simple removal of solids from the feed water is all that is necessary
      • Low hydrostatic pressures mean that the process can be performed at operating pressures generally near atmospheric pressure
      • Feed temperatures can be considerably lower than the boiling point of water
      • No brine disposal necessary; zero liquid waste is possible to significantly cut costs
      • More water production by volume of water input
      • No toxic anti-fouling chemicals are necessary; no chemical costs
      • Can produce drinking water for as little as 0.3¢ per literChoice of power options – with, solar or generator, no electricity grid is required
      • Wind and solar are environmentally and climate friendly with no carbon footprint
      • Compact size that is easy to locate and scale
      • Harvest water directly where it is needed for decentralized water production to reduce or eliminate water distribution costs
      • Minimal service and maintenance with estimated 20-year life
      • Proprietary software-based control module can be accessed remotely for updates, calibration as well as offsite troubleshooting

Rainmaker’s Water-to-Water product line.

Our Water-to-Water system can be powered by a variety of energy sources with varying output capacities. Deployment can be as fast as 90 days after purchase order. Units are operational within 14 days after containers arrive on location.

WW-W100 Wind Powered
Rated daily output: Up to 150,000 liters per day Minimum wind speed: 6.7 – 40 miles per hour Power input: 100kW

WW-WS100 Hybrid – Wind and Solar Powered
Rated daily output: Up to 150,000 liters per day Minimum wind speed: 6.7 – 40 miles per hour Power input: 100kW

WW-WG100 Hybrid – Wind and Grid /
Generator Powered
Rated daily output: Up to 150,000 liters per day Minimum wind speed: 6.7 – 40 miles per hour Power input: 100kW

WW-SO50 Solar Only Powered
Rated daily output: Up to 37,500 liters per day Power input: 50kW

WW-SO100 Solar Only Powered
Rated daily output: Up to 75,000 liters per day Power input: 100kW

WW-GO50 Grid / Generator Only Powered
Rated daily output: Up to 75,000 liters per day Power input: 50kW

WW-GO100 Grid / Generator Only Powered
Rated daily output: Up to 150,000 liters per day Power input: 100kW


Air-to-Water: Clean water from humidity in the atmosphere.

Using innovation in heating and cooling, our Air-to-Water unit produces clean water from the air. This product can be driven efficiently by wind, solar, grid, generator or combinations thereof. Water is produced at the point of use eliminating transportation and distribution cost.

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