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RAINMAKER Announces First Sales and New Manufacturing Plant in Netherlands

June 14, 2016

ROTTERDAM, June 14th, 2016 – Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. (“RAINMAKER”), a CleanTech company that produces clean water, has announced the sale of its first machines in Jamaica and India. These early sales coincided with the company’s opening of a new manufacturing, research and development facility in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

RAINMAKER provides innovative, environmentally friendly water solutions to communities and businesses struggling with water scarcity. With their head office located in Peterborough, Ontario, RAINMAKER welcomed its authorized partners and other stakeholders to its new facility in Rotterdam for the first time from India, the Middle East, GCC, Canada, USA, UK, Europe Jamaica and South America.

Michael O’Connor, RAINMAKER CEO, says, “The initial sales are exactly according to the plan and are positioned in locations with excellent climatic conditions to highlight the extraordinary benefits of our technology. These sales fuel the launch of our manufacturing facility in Rotterdam and they are just the beginning.”

RAINMAKER’s sustainable technology features two product lines that have multiple applications. Using 100% renewable energy, the “Air to Water” unit produces clean water from air, and the “Water to Water” unit produces clean water from seawater, brackish water, or contaminated water sources.

“We are extremely excited to begin our manufacturing operations in Rotterdam after many years of product development and refinement,” says Piet Oosterling, RAINMAKER CTO and inventor.” This facility will have a capacity of 200 units initially and eventually employ 12 high technology manufacturing and engineering jobs in the City.” The City of Rotterdam has also been very involved with the development of the manufacturing facility. “We are delighted to welcome RAINMAKER to Rotterdam and participate in the opening of its facility. The promise of jobs and a successful global CleanTech business fits exactly with our long term vision for the Port,” says Miranda Janse, CleanTech Manager for the Department of Economy. “We look forward to continuing cooperation with this company, with the Dutch subsidiary as well as strategic partnerships among our universities.”

O’Connor credits the investors in Canada and the Netherlands with facilitating these events. RAINMAKER recently closed its first round of financing and is currently engaged in a second round with potential international investors. “The Peterborough Regional Angel Network in Canada and ICOS Capital ( and SOFIE in the Netherlands were instrumental in bringing us to market”, says O’Connor. Nityen Lal, Managing Partner of ICOS Capital, adds, “It fits perfectly with our investment strategy and we are big supporters of RAINMAKER technology and the executive team.”

Rainmaker’s revolutionary approach to building water infrastructure supports the development of sustainable communities around the world, creating a positive impact environmentally, socially and economically.