Catia Skinner

Vice President Marketing

Ms. Skinner from 2015-2018 worked with the Rainmaker Executive Team as a marketing consultant and returned in June of 2020 as the Interim VP of Marketing. Skinner brings over 15 years of expertise in brand development and strategic marketing and design. She has effectively planned and implemented detailed marketing strategies for numerous clients ranging from start-ups to well-established and respected industry leaders in industries such as manufacturing, retail, travel, legal services, financial services and not-for-profit.

Previously, Skinner was Director of Marketing for Operitel Corporation, a learning software development company recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies.  She developed the strategic plan that lead to Operitel’s acquisition by OpenText Corporation, Canada’s largest software company in 2011.

Ms. Skinner is a graduate of Brazil’s Instituto Nacional de Pós Graduação, Castelo Branco University, with a Master’s Degree in Marketing, and a degree from Mackenzie University in Economics.