Nobody goes thirsty.

Our purpose is to produce clean water for communities in need so they can thrive and never go thirsty.

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Air-To-Water generation. The right scale, capacity, and cost.

Rainmaker’s Air-to-Water technologies extract water from air to provide communities with sustainable, local, and affordable access to clean water.

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An ocean of opportunity to create fresh drinking water.

Rainmaker’s Water-to-Water systems are more cost-effective, appropriately scaled and sustainable than traditional desalination plants.

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Government or NGO? Here’s how to get started.

Contact us and we’ll help you get fresh water production to your site as quickly as possible. Our team will evaluate your best options for technology, power sources, and daily water requirements.

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Commercial applications. Turn wastwater into profit.

Join the circular economy, where waste becomes an asset. We work in many sectors including oil and gas, beverage, mining, pharma, tourism, and military to help organizations profit from wastewater.

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An opportunity to get involved with one of the world’s most important water issues.

Now and for the foreseeable future, the world’s biggest problem will be securing fresh water for a growing population. That’s an unprecedented opportunity. Get the latest news delivered straight to your inbox from Rainmaker.


The average water container weighs around 40 pounds when full.

The struggle comes when it’s empty.

Many of us take water for granted. Turn on the tap, and there it is, ready to drink, cook, bathe, do the laundry, or water the lawn.

Yet there are too many places where it’s not nearly so simple. Places where it takes hours to bring home a precious jug of water from a well, where water is contaminated and often the carrier of deadly diseases.

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Join Rainmaker’s global network of distributors.

We believe that strong relationships create better outcomes. Our distributors specialize in fields such as water technology, engineering services, urban planning, and business development. Interested?

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Solving the world water crisis with the help of our partners.

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We need your help so nobody goes thirsty.

We believe we can quench the thirst of hundreds of millions around the world and that happens to be one of the most exciting opportunities in investing history. Smart investors do their homework and we’re thankful that you’ve taken the time to learn our story and consider us as a part of your portfolio.

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